50 | Tea Time or Toy Time?

This is a really fun and spontaneous story on my behalf, i have no idea what was going through me mentally but more importantly sexually. I was on one of my ‘fuck it’ whims. This guy had got a hold of my snapchat via tinder. He started messaging me and when he sent me a photo back i was more than intrigued.

His name was Jerry* he was visiting Vancouver only for 2 day from Calgary for a conference on learning how to do IMS..(how ironic) He was 35 years old, a licensed physiotherapist and he was staying at a hotel located in the nearby university while taking these 2 day classes. He was British and had a thick accent, it was hot. I went there two nights in a row, both of which i had my period.

I took the bus to his house because i took a Xanax and i wanted some time for it to kick in. Always makes my orgasms more intense. When i got there he met me downstairs, he was quite a gentleman. We headed up to his hotel room and immediately started making out. He knew that i had my period, I would never spring that upon someone, and i’ve found out most of the time they don’t care, actually all of the time. Maybe thats luck. He pushed me down onto the bed on my stomach after he had stripped me of all of my clothes and proceeded to massage me. He started at my shoulders. God it felt so good. He moved his way down the center of my spine. I needed this just as bad anything else. He moved his hands to either side of my hips and squeezed his way to the center of my back just about my butt. I couldn’t help from arching my back and lifting my pelvis up off the bed. As i did my legs parted and i could feel the air rushing between them and through my pussy lips. He moved one of his hands to the base of my butt cheek and the other he slid slowly between my crack and down into my pussy. My hands grasped the sheets on the bed and my mouth opened to bite the corner of the pillow. He kept going, he had two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass all while he was still massaging my butt and up and down my inner thigh. I couldn’t kept from cumming. It was a matter of minutes before i was spent on his bed. Laying there on my stomach unable to me he parted my legs and slid his hard cock inside my warm pussy. He started fucking me and i started cumming again. When i came he came. It was a great fuck for me. We cleaned up and he payed for my cab home because he had to attend one of those classes at 6 am. BY THE WAY… the one of those classes consists of him getting IMS, aka needles/acupuncture all over his body, every single muscle in a matter of hours. And he still managed to fuck me after that. TAKE NOTE SFB.

The next day i got another message from Jerry saying it was his last night and he wanted me to come back. When i was there the previous night we had talked about my toys. He asked me to send him a picture so he could decide which ones he wanted me to bring to the hotel that night. I did as i was told. He told me he wanted me to bring the butt plug and the kegal balls, which were two weighted balls attached by a string with a loop at the end so you can tug on them. But his one request was that i wear both of them on the way to the hotel and that he wanted them already inside of me when i arrived. I obliged. I once again took the bus there, my god was it hot sitting on a public bus with two toys in me at at time because Jerry had asked me too. I liked obeying his wish knowing very well that it would turn him on. By the time i arrived i was already weak at the knees from all of the toys stuffed inside me and the buses movements. It was all too arousing to handle. We got upstairs and made out a bit before heading to the bed just like the night before. This time he laid me down on my back and spread my legs while lifting them so he could get a full view of what he had made me do. I could tell by the look on his face he was so turned on. He was biting his lip and staring at my pussy like a piece of meat. I loved every second of it. Thats the shit that seriously turns me on. The look in a mans eyes or the way his body reacts to being so close to my pussy. That shit takes me over the edge. He slowly pulled the weighted balls out of my pussy, one at a time all while massaging my clit. Fucking a physiotherapist is highly recommended, they honestly know the body so well and it shows. He decided he didn’t want to take the butt plug out, instead he wanted to fuck my pussy and feel the other toy inside of me. I love getting fucked with a toy in my ass, it’s on par with squirting, or having sex on Xanax. He fucked me for a bit but we both came so quickly, me because i had toys in me for the last half hour and him I’m assuming for the same reason. After he came in me we cleaned up, had a cigarette and a beer and a bit of conversation for the first time on his balcony before I blew him until he came one last time before he paid for my cab home. I went home that night totally sexually satisfied and very well knowing that i will probably never see Jerry again.

XO, you’ll never know.


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