44 | Mighty Morphin’

Now I’m back in Vancouver and have managed to secure my own apartment in a dream area, life is good. This story is funny, ironic, bizarre and random all in one, but, I’d like to keep it one short and sweet for my purpose and his. Mainly because we are still fucking and he’s famous. Funny how that still happens to me even when I’m not in LA, i guess it really is all about who you know….

I am sitting at home one day and I get a call from a talent agent friend of mine in LA. I know that his client is coming here to film the Power Rangers film and I’ve met him before. He is younger than me but still a fun and really outgoing guy. So my agent friend from LA asks me if i could look for an apartment for him downtown since he will be here for a solid 4 or 5 months depending on shooting schedules. I of course accept his request. He informs me that he’s going to give… lets call him Billy*… Billy’s number and we can discuss further. So Billy and I start chatting a bit. I’m giving him updates on the relator and the places she’s going to take me to and the conversation takes a turn for the sluttier if you will. He starts mentioning how all he cares about is a nice big shower. And from there neither of us can help ourselves. The conversation takes a major turn. A turn in the direction of Your my new Vancouver Fuck Buddy.

So the night he arrived in here he asked me to come to the place i had gotten for him so that we could 1. meet and 2. fuck. DUH. It was quite obvious what was going on here. I didn’t think it would be as cut and dry as it has turned out to be but whatever, I’m not mad. We ended up fucking immediately, I blew him and he fucked me and came in a matter of 2 minutes, but to my surprise, he kept fucking me… until he came again. He has a nice cock and he takes care of himself down there so i can spend a while working my magic which i think he likes.

Since the first time we fucked we’ve fucked about 4 other times. We both have busy schedules. But its gotten to the point where he’ll text me to come over, ill show up, hell open the door and be butt naked with xbox controller in hand, ill sit on the couch, blow him and then sit on his dick. He’s a huge fan of not doing any of the work, which i get, he has to train and go to the gym twice a day as it is. So i don’t mind sitting on his cock, plus its huge so it feels un fucking believable, especially when I’m in control. Another time ill show up and well sit on his couch and watch porn and fuck, its fun and meaningless. Just a good way for us to get out our sexual frustrations. And it’s nice because were comfortable with one another. It’s also nice because he’s famous and that’s pretty fucking cool.

I mean he’s a god damn idiot and having a conversation with him is like pulling teeth, like i should be a certified dentist at this point but fuck it, you only live once and if you have the opportunity to fuck some no brained celeb why not?

Go Go Power Rangers

XO, you’ll never know.


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