41 | The Producer

This guy is a huge tool. Definition of full of himself. He’s the type to go on rants about how girls post the dumbest shit on Instagram and then he’s also the type to go and like all of those posts that he just dissected like a douche. His name was Don* he was 26, and he was a Producer. A pretty well known one too. Which is something that baffled me when he let me into his thought process. I don’t know how he got as far as he did but i guess cockiness is a desirable producer quality. He’s a total name dropper. If he can drop a name, he will.. over and over and over again.

He pays for my Uber to his place which is in North Hollywood. It’s a really nice fucking place and the bedroom has an amazing view. When I got there we instantly went to his bedroom, threw on a tv show and laid in bed cuddling and talking a bit until he made the move to make out with me. Sometimes it’s interesting to see the moment they choose to do that. Always intrigues me. We make out for a bit before i head down south to work my magic. He’s in awe at the blow job skills, per usual. I think that he knew i knew i was doing a good job and he wanted to show me that he could do the same, so mid blow job he flips me on my back and buries his face in my pussy, i swear to god he’s down there for a solid 45 minutes while i tear the fitting sheet off of his bed in a fit of pure pleasure. I’ve already cum twice and he can tell so on the verge of my third cum he takes his head out from between my legs and stabs me with his cock. Repeatedly. He’s a good fuck. He’s really fucking jacked, like buddy is 98% solid muscle so its nice to feel his hard body on mine. I like that. What I didn’t like was that he pulled out his phone while we were fucking, flash on and all and video taped his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, full blown 2 minute video of insertion. Jesus. I didn’t say anything because i was being fucked and it was too hard for me to get anything out besides and moan or a fuck. THEN… when he’s finished recording the video as he’s still inside me, fucking me, he makes me watch it, and continues to fuck me. While saying shit like ‘yah you like watching me fuck you while I’m fucking you’ like i get your in the film industry but cool it bro. I slept over, woke up the next morning. Fucked him and then made him pay for my Uber home. Sweet Victory.

That next week he messaged me to come back for a fuck. I was bored and didn’t have plans that night so I said fuck it and went to fuck it. When i got there the second time, he was acting a bit funny but i didn’t really think much of it or want to give him the attention he was so desperately seeking for but not even actually wanting. We got into the bed and started fucking, he was on top of me and i could feel his rhythm starting to get off base so i opened my eyes and turned so i could see what he was doing.. he was on his fucking phone. Dude’s cock was inside me and he was texting… I didn’t even know what to say. He kept texting but also fucking me and then he came. I did not. After he came he got so fuckiing weird. He wouldn’t look at me, he was pacing naked around the foot of his bed just looking at his phone and texting. So i looked at him and asked if everything was okay. He looked at me and through gritted teeth he angrily said ” yah im fine i just need a minute” put on his slippers and left the room butt naked.

I waited in his bed for him for an hour and 30 minutes before i got out and went to find him. When i did, he was in the second bedroom of his place, naked sitting on the floor up against the window looking at his phone. What the fuck was going on? I had no idea and he obviously didn’t want to tell me but he was making so fucking uncomfortable and he was honestly treating me like shit. Leaving me in his room alone after fucking me.. who does that. So i say to him ” Are you sure your okay…?” and he fucking snaps at me.. ” I told you I’m fine, I’m doing something for work, ill be in there in one minute.” Oh fuck no. You do not get to talk to me like that after i just let you cum inside me fuckface. I don’t even say anything to him, i turn around, go back to the bedroom where all of my clothes are lying in a pile on the floor, put them on and get the fuck out of there. He probably went back to his bedroom expecting me to be lying in his bed ready and waiting for him to come out of his fucking mood swing bull shit. I’m sorry but i don’t know you and I’m not about to let myself get to. Call me when your periods over and you’ve yanked out your oversized tampon, you bloody vagina. So i snuck out like a fucking pro. Cum in that, Asshole.

After that he proceeded to send me multiple text messages, snapchats, the video of us fucking etc… in effort to try and get me to come back and fuck him.. yah right, See you never… Well maybe in the credits of the latest marvel movie but thats good enough for me.

XO, you’ll never know.


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