34 | My First Felon

I had been in LA now for about 2 weeks. I had managed to secure a good job that enabled me to use my background in school and do what I love while getting paid, art. I was still living with my Aunt and vigorously apartment searching. As i mentioned earlier my Aunt would frequent the Desert on weekends. So one weekend she told me she was going to be out of town for 3 days and that the place was mine, also mentioning to take care of it. She headed out the door and i knew the house was mine for the weekend.

I had been talking to this guy that I met when I was actually in the Desert. His name was Grant*, he lived in Orange County, was 34 and was in Palm dirt biking with friends. He told me that when i got back to LA to message him and he would drive up from Orange County, an hour and a half drive from LA, to take me on a date. I messaged him and sure enough that night he was on his way to the big city to take me out.

When he pulled up outside the house I opened the front door and to my surprise he was driving a brand new expensive as fuck Mercedes. Really big, Really nice. I hop in the car and he immediately puts his hand on my thigh. I’m wearing thigh high boots and a dress. He looks at me tells me how beautiful i look and then explains what were doing for the night. He has decided to take me to a hotel bar on Sunset Boulevard. Fuck YAS. We pull up, he valet’s the car. He is so OC. He’s really good looking not to mention dressed very well and extremely chivalrous. Opens doors for me, lets me sit first, is very touchy in a gentlemanly way. It’s nice.
We get a booth and order drinks. He goes for the Moscow mule i go for a beer, i know very lady like. I honestly love beer, so fuck it. We end up spending the next 3 hours being really touchy and talking non stop about each other and our lives, all the while taking breaks to make out every now and again. The best part about the conversation was that he felt comfortable enough to tel me something he doesn’t tell many people which felt awesome but i was also like whoa what the fuck major shocker.

So as were mid conversation at the bar he starts to tell me that he had a bit of a rough past. And I’m sitting there finding that hard to believe, by the looks of it, everything was peaches and cream. But looks can be deceiving. He proceeds to tell me that when was 19 he used to deal drugs, pills, ecstasy to be specific. And there was a deal that went south. He ended up selling a large amount to an undercover cop which landed in court and then a maximum security prison for 11 month. SHOCKER right? Honestly i don’t judge people on that. He was 34 at this point in his life and totally successful. I felt honoured that he wanted to share that part of his life with me.

He paid the bill and then we waited out front of the hotel for the valet to bring us the car and he pinned me up against the wall and continued to make out with me. We got in the car and on the drive home I mentioned that i was living with my aunt but that she wasn’t home for the weekend so if he wanted to spend the night that would be unreal. He was really into the idea. When we pulled up to the house he asked me if i smoked pot. I told him on the odd occasion. He went to the trunk of his car and grab some weed and a bubbler and we headed on into the house. We went to the backyard to smoke a bit. While we smoked we were all over each other. It wasn’t long before we were inside and he was throwing me onto the bed and spreading my legs apart to get a good look at me. He just stood there at the edge of my bed touching my pussy and looking at me with this stare of desire. It was so fucking hot. As his fingers slid into me his tongue circled my clit and my head flew back as he went to town. It was amazing. I was so turned on and i didn’t want to cum yet, i stopped him got on my hands and knees, pulled him in towards me from the edge of the bed, and shoved his hard cock in my mouth. I blew him until he was about to cum and then he crawled onto the bed and literally fucked me so hard i was in another world. He was spanking me and pulling my hair and his cock was going in and out so hard and so fast i think i blacked out. We both came and 10 minutes after that we were fucking again. We ended up having sex, unprotected sex, maybe 10 times. Including in the morning when we woke up.

When we woke up he left. I had a really good time honestly so I texted him letting him know. It took him a while to respond which was inclination number one I probably wouldn’t see him again.. which was odd, it always will be. And then to my surprise he sends me a text questioning me if I’m 100% sure I’m on birth control. Like dude do you think i want to have a child with you? I don’t even know you.. i get that there are some crazy ass bitches out there but I’m most definitely not one of them and it pisses me off when guys put me in that box. So I did all that i could which was reassure him that i was on birth control which i fucking was. So bizarre. After that little incident i never felt the need to talk to him again. He would randomly like my Instagram’s every now and again but i didn’t really pay attention to that.

It wasn’t until 10 months later when i had already moved back to Vancouver that buddy decided to add me on snapchat and message me letting me know that he wanted to ‘take me out on another date’ i don’t know why but i responded with a ‘yah sure ill let you know next time I’m in LA’

Fuck it, free drinks, free food, a good time and a great fuck? how can i turn that down…

XO, you’ll never know.


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