32 | Pass That Dick

This dude. HA. So this is a pass that dutch sort of situation. I had advised one of my friends to get out there and start fucking guys after a relationship fell through in her life. The first guy she met was Andrew* he was a 26-year-old rich kid who lived in his parents mansions basement and was learning to take over their importing furniture business. Douchebag vibes are real, am I right? Anyways, i get a call from her telling me about how she fucked this guy and he was so dominating and rough and it was intense but that he keeps asking her to come back to do it again and she didn’t think she could. His intensity was a bit too much for her, so like any good friend would, she handed the reins/leash to me. She gave this guy my number and says, “sorry its a bit too much for me but as a favour here’s my friends number, i think she can give you what you want.”

So we message a bit and he is fucking intense. The shit he is saying he wants to do to me and vice versa is next level but I’m so game. I’m getting more and more excited as were talking. He tells me he wants me there now and that he’ll pay for my cab there and home if i come now. Really, that’s the easiest way to get me to come over. Promise me a ride there and ride home and I’m yours.

So i get to his place and its a fucking mansion, obviously his parents in which he’s lives in the entire downstairs floor. We talked and walked and smoked to his back door. I finished my cigarette and he hadn’t finished his so as he was finishing he told me to go inside and take all of my clothes off and wait for him there. I did as i was told, but because i knew this guy was freaky i wanted to surprises him when he walked him. As i waited for him in his bedroom i spread my legs and leaned against his headboard as i rubbed my clit so he could see me playing when he walked in. When he did he took all his clothes off and walked towards me saying how hot it was. He proceeded to ask me if i liked sucking dick and i said i love it as i laid flat on his bed with my ass perched and my legs crossed, he pulled himself to the edge and slid his nice cock in my throat as i slid my hands to the back of his ass so i could take his cock deep in my throat, he flips me over and makes me tilt my head back so he can face fuck me. He face fucks me while I’m lying on my back for a bit. I choke and gag on his cock as he calls me a little slut. Then he gets on the bed lies on his back and makes me blow him normally for a bit. He jerks his cock while i suck on his balls (when i move lower and go to suck his balls, i do notice one thing… they are legit tiny.. teeny tiny little balls in a nutsack ) and then he tells me to bed over he wants to fuck me now. He bends me over on all 4’s on the bed and shoves his cock in my pussy as he starts fucking me, I start moan and saying things like “you like you cock in my wet pussy, yah fuck me like that, harder, I’m a bad little slut, I’m your dirty little whore, make me beg for it,” all mid moan. I do this because my friend told me that’s what he liked and he was good at responding back to it but buddy didn’t say anything, i was doing all the talking, it was almost like he didn’t know what to say beside, “oh yah, you like that.” I was in shock at how lame his dirty talk game was because via text he was fire. I then ask him to spank me as he’s fucking me. he does. The fact that I had to ask is annoying as it is. it’s not very hard so i ask him to spank me harder, he does. I’m still moaning and dirty talking and all he’s saying is yah mmm yah. He pulls out and asks me to blow him to completion so i proceed to. I take his cock in my mouth and play with the tip all while jerking him at the same time and making sure to get some hand ball action in every now and again. He cums in my mouth and as he does. I realise that i like the taste of his cum, it’s quite nice. it’s almost tasteless. i pull his cock out slowly keeping all his cum in my mouth i crawl on top of him so he can get a good look. i stick my tongue out so he can see all his cum and lick my lips with a bit of his cum before swallowing the rest and giving him a bit more head. As i do this his face brightens. he’s clearing in awe/intimidated but i thought he wouldn’t be, if anything i thought he would be worse off than me in the sexually fucked up department… boy was i wrong. He looks at me and says give me 5 minutes and ill be good to go again. Little did i know this asshole was full of shit. not literally but literally.

He goes to the bathroom to clean himself up. Then we head outside for a smoke. He’s asking me a bunch of questions about myself and the guys i fuck and the gang bang and if i frequently fuck guys and all this weird random shit but also asking me about where i went school and what not. Then he looks at me and says i gotta work at like 6 in the morning im usually asleep by now. and the first thing that runs through my head is ah you fucking assssshole. so i say..”then why didn’t you tell me that before i came here.” and he bluntly says “because then you wouldn’t have come.” and i look him dead in his eyes and say “you are such a dude. Like classic fucking d bag move bro, ill go get my purse and by the way i don’t have nay money for a cab home.” he’s says “its okay i got it.” Asshole.

He pretty much paid 40$ to fuck me. meh not the first time its been done. anyways he’s saying all this shit like you gotta catch me on a weekend. can we fuck on a weekend? yah lets fuck again and all this gay shit that leads me to believe hes never going to call me to fuck again, like every other guy that goes on about that shit, dead give away. At this point ive learned my fucking lesson. An asshole is an asshole no matter which way you look at it. And I straight up saw this guy for what he was and didn’t hold back. i started calling him out on being all talk when he was texting me all this dirty shit and then fucks me like a gentleman, made me do all the work. Talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk. It was clear he was sexually intimidated by me and the fact that i would have enjoyed the disgraceful things he wanted to do to me i think made him not want to do them to me. Like he was so sexually fucked up that he wanted to be fucking someone who wasn’t enjoying the shit he was doing. Who knows. What i do know is that this guy had some deep psychological issues. Via text he asked to cum in my ass and watch it drip out into a cup and then force me to drink it… now that i re-read that deep psychological issues seems like quite the understatement.

When i left his place i cabbed home and when i got home i had a text from him that said that was fun did you enjoy yourself? and i responded adequately and then he got rude with me and started to slut shame me in the sense of because I fuck a lot I must not be clean. Which is absolute bullshit. He was just feeling sexually belittled and didn’t know how to get his balls back. although they were barely there to begin with… now that’s literal.

All i ate that day was a bagel with butter, some fresh squeezed apple carrot and ginger juice and mouthful of cum… What a waste of a perfectly shaved vagina.

He was the last guy i fucked before moving to Los Angeles, which would take place 3 days after this bizarre encounter.

First born unicorn, Hard core soft porn, Dream of Californication.

xo, you’ll never know.


10 thoughts on “32 | Pass That Dick

  1. What a waste of his opportunity. I suspect most perverted guys wouldn’t know what to with you either. Me? I’m just trying to figure out much cab fare would be to get you to might house!

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