29 | Two Birds, One Throne

This is an epic story. From start to finish. Let’s start with the proposal. Weeks prior to this event happening, one of my best friends who at the time was a virgin was sitting on my couch and she was looking at me as if she wanted to ask me something but she was nervous, so I cut the shit and said to her what? I know you want to ask me something. So with this nervous little grin on her face she says, “Would you be down to have a threesome with this girl i work with, I’ve talked to her a lot about you and she wanted me to ask you if you would be interested, its her and this guy she’s been semi seeing.” I look her in the eyes, giggle and say ” Fuck yeah, give her my number.” It was a hilarious interaction between really good friends, we still laugh about it today.

Anyways, her and I, lets call her Khleo*. Khleo and I started messaging, setting up the date, time, place, you know, basic details. We decided on a random Thursday night, she would bring Whiskey and Conner* to my apartment and all i would supply would be my body for them to play with and my plethora of sex toys for them to use. This included, a butt plug, two separate vibrators of different sizes and some adhesive red sex tape. All of which we would put to use.

Khleo and Conner show up to my place, we sit on my couch, pour ourselves all a drink, drink it hella fast and talk a bit, get to know one another before we all fuck. The talking doesn’t last long as were all obviously on the edge of our seats in anticipation of how this is going to go down. I lead us to the bedroom.

Khleo and I both take our clothes off, get completely naked and crawl on the bed towards each other as Conner stands at the foot of the bed watching. We meet in the middle and start making out with each other, our tits pressed against one another, our bodies gyrating against one another, our hips in motion. I take my lips off hers and lead my way down to her tits, she has massive tits. I put one of her nipples in my mouth and look Conner in the eyes. While i suck on her nipple, he watches us and plays with his cock, talking dirty to us, her head drops back as i tug one of her nipples between my teeth, she moans. He gets on the bed and separates us. He tells me he wants me to go down on her while he fucks me from behind. I comply with his request. She spreads her legs and for the first time I’m confronted with eating pussy. A task i never thought i would have to tackle but one i knew that if i ever needed too, i would be a fucking GOD at it, and a GOD i was…. ask Khleo. She still whispers about it to me in my ear every time were together… in public especially. I start fingering her and sucking on her clit, the way i would want to be eaten is the way i eat her. As i slide in her and my tongue covers her clit, Conner shoves his big cock in my pussy and starts fucking me, little to my surprise, mid fuck he pops the butt plug in my ass and I’m on the verge of cumming. As I’m face down in her pussy she starts cumming, and by cumming i mean squirting, Conner leans down to put his face in her pussy with me, all while he’s still inside me. When she’s done cumming we switch position. Now I’m legs spread and I’m looking Khleo in the eyes as she starts fingering and licking me. Fuck. this is incredible. While she’s sucking my clit, Conner is fucking her in the ass. As I’m staring Khleo in the eyes, moaning every minute she sucks my clit hard, takes her fingers out of my pussy and shoves them in my ass. Fuck. Im cumming. Im not squirting.. yet. Conner see’s that I’ve cum and makes us switch positions. This time I’m on my stomach and the both of them are using the red sex tape to tie my arms back and my feet together, as they’re tying me up they’re making out and playing with each other, its hot for me to watch. Especially because they keep looking at me like I’m they’re little fuck toy for the night. When I’m all tied up he wiggles himself underneath me so that I’m in between his legs and his cock can be placed perfectly in my mouth all at his control. He stick his cock in my mouth and i choke it down. As I’m blowing him Khleo takes one of the vibrators puts it in her mouth to lube it up and then shoves it in my pussy and starts fucking me, fucking me really hard, and really good. So good its hard for me to keep his cock in my mouth. And then it happens. I’m all tied up, cock in my throat dick going in and out of my pussy and i explode. I’ve never had a better orgasm since. I literally squirted everywhere, my sheets were soaked. And as i came so did he. Khloe leaned in to where i was tied down and he came all over our faces.

After her and i cleaned up the three of us laid there in my cum soaked bed, spent from all of the vigorous fucking we had just done. We laid there cuddling for about 20 minutes and then the both of them left. I never saw him again. Thank god, apparently he was a little crazy. But Khleo and i became really good friends. We would hang out often before I moved to back LA. But even when i moved to LA we still kept in touch. I know she wants to do it again. Every chance she gets she brings it up. Tells me how hot it was, how hot i was, how good i was at eating her pussy. I get why guys need that affirmation, its nice. We’ll probably do it again. Who will the lucky guy be…

Xo you’ll never know.


6 thoughts on “29 | Two Birds, One Throne

  1. Holy moly! The visuals – wow!
    You hit it square on the head, men need affirmation that they’re doing a good job, it gives us motivation to keep going down and spending time and fumbling around there! I bet the men who don’t eat pussy well weren’t nurtured at the right time, early on in the process there was no guidance!

    Ladies, consider that my PSA – teach your man what to do – empower him!
    The more you know!

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