11 | Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd

The moment I left my apartment building, I knew this time it was going to be different. I had already mentally prepared myself to let down all my walls. Just let it all go and embrace the meaning of the word experience. the word No was now long gone from my vocabulary. I was ready, more ready than I had ever felt to get out and play. I was at a point in my life where I was so ready to surprise myself with how magical the world and the people in it can be when your not afraid, of anything. I was off, to make my mark on whoever crossed my path, and i sure as fuck did. It was time to let go of all my inhibitions and live my life to the fullest adventurous extent, in all sense of the word. My first stop, the city of dreams, the land of the lost, the sunshine state. Hello Los Angeles.

The flight was short, sweet, and sweaty. The second i stepped onto that dreadful LAX curb packed with pedestrians puffing away, immediately i felt a rush of the nicotine skirting by my face, when the sleek black Lexus rolled up. I see my mother in the passenger seat ( an oddity ) and I think to myself who the fuck is driving her car. They pull up and she gets out to give me a massive hug. its been 9 months since we’ve seen each other, the only other time that ever happened was when i was in her damn womb. i guess this is what growing the fuck up looks like. I embrace her just as excited as she is, i lean away and say “who is that?” she responds with slurred words and a slight tone of aggression, “ thats Peter*, he’s my new boyfriend.” are you fucking kidding me? your drunk and you brought this douchelord to the airport. smooth move madre, smooth move. I brush it off my shoulder, knowing very well that i will probably not get alone time with my mum for the next two weeks, sadly I’m sort of okay with that. We finish up dinner quickly and now its off to the apartment I’m house sitting for the week. holy fucking shit I’m ecstatic.

They drop me off at this apartment building that is absolutely spectacular from the outside, i cant wait to run upstairs and drop my bags so i can die of happiness already. Its pretty late verging 11 o clock so i rush upstairs for the first time, open the door and feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. This place. This place is my home for the week? its like a screengrab from sex and the city. Everything is beautiful, the sofa is scattered with fur covered pillows, the floor draped in animal hide rugs, the wall covered in mirrors. I run to the bedroom where i know is the place ill be spending a majority of my time while I’m inside. I drop my bags and my jaw. The walls are white except the back wall behind the bed. its black and covered in white coral print. The bed is massive the the headboard is a giant frame, above hangs a white chandelier. Dead center across from the bed is a skull with horns, and television set and greenery corner with orchids and giant plants. This isn’t house sitting. Its a full blown vacation. Carrie Bradshaw style and it was then i realized i had to make the most of the fact that I was in Los Angeles with a place of my own, 21 years old and ready to fuck.

Today was my first day in the fine city, took it pretty easy, shopped around a bit went for lunch with a friend and mentally and physically prepared myself for the Eminem and Rihanna Monster Ball tour at the Rose Bowl that I was going to that night. The concert ended with a bang. I headed back to the apartment. I was exhausted so I laid down in bed, downloaded Tinder and swiped until my eyes closed. Little did I know that the downloading of Tinder was only the beginning of my incredible sexual adventures this month.

SIDE NOTE: Heather* is a friend of my mum’s and of the woman whose house I’m sitting for and she was supposed to take care of her dog whiles she’s away and I to take care of the house. Heather* cant handle the dog so she drops it off to me. This little shit of a dog is now mine for the week. Alone I thought I was, and here I am not.

Tinder in LA. What can I say? its well successful to say the least. I get a few matches and a few messages too. There is one guy to whom I really take a liking too. He has 6 pictures, 3 of which he’s wearing only underwear and 3 of which he’s wearing suits. This is a sure sign he literally just wants to fuck. and I’m so beyond down. He one of those classic fitness Instagram goons but hey fuck it, I’m here for a good time not for a long time. I guess that became my motto for thw trip.

When i return home i have a text from a number i don’t know. i assume its Steve* my new Tinder friend and apparently my new neighbor too. We chat a bit, and by a bit i mean he sends me 2 pictures of his body and we sext. (clearly he’s obsessed with himself, and clearly I’m attracted to the narcissistic asshole type.) but hey I’m horny and I’m a foreigner so let the excuses pour in. Im the go getter type, not really into talking much so if i want you ill let you know quickly. I’m also a dirty girl at heart and my mouth will let you know that all upfront as well. I don’t hide the fact that I’m very sexual and if I’m down for a just a fuck, you’ll know, even if we just met. and thats exactly what this situation seemed to be to me. 

His text read “ what you up too missy” and i respond “ just got home, about to put on something sexy and play with myself to sleep you?”

very well knowing that that response 1. lets him know I’m home alone and 2. that I’m down to fuck and I’ve already started without him. Next thing i know he’s sent a photo of himself in his underwear and asks i do the same. side note: I’m a huge fan of nude shots, sometimes i feel like Terry Richardson with an iPhone.

the idiot he is, he plays right into it responding with a photo and a caption that reads “why do you need to play with yourself when you got me down the street.”  I reply with an irresistible mirror shot of my ass and tell him to come play with me. I feed into it a little more before i send off my whereabouts. Saying some shit like ” I love me a bad boy who leaves me craving more. fuck I’m getting wet just thinking about it. Come sin with me baby.” accompanied by a dropped pin of the place I’m housesitting. He texts me 20 minutes later saying he’s downstairs. Lets get this show on the road motherfucker.

I head downstairs to see who I’m going to be fucking in 5 minutes, I open the door and to my pleasant surprise its Steve* and he actually looks like his pictures, thank every lord there is i didn’t get cat fished…yet. He’s fit as fuck, absolutely ripped, which can be semi intimidating. but he immediately comments on my ass and how great it looks in the pants I’m wearing ( they are leggings ) ladies if you have an ass, wear them. Take the stairs, put him in a butt daze.

I rush Steve* into the bedroom, the dog barks her head off like a fucking maniac because im escorting a stranger into her home. I tell him to go wait for me in the bedroom. he does. I come in, take off my pants and crawl onto the bed. He takes off his pants and gets into the bed too and i start giving him head. its rough. really rough and I’m liking it. He flips me over and starts grabbing my ass whispering to me how amazing it is, and biting it hard, really hard. He spanks me multiple times and then slides his dick deep inside me. He’s great at fucking. especially from behind. While were fucking I turn around and he’s grabbing my ass, trying to make handfuls out of handfuls, staring at me biting his lip. He’s very into it and its making me wetter and wetter. He pulls out flips me on my back and starts fingering me, really deep. The look in his eyes as he’s touching me is semi terrifying but also gives me the most of an inclination that he’s having a great time fucking me, he cant stop smiling, and its hilarious. he slides his cock back inside me and fucks me while I’m on my back making me scream and moan when he finally cum’s he grabs my ass so hard I can feel it leaving marks. He rolls over and we start talking about how amazing that was he’s pulling me closer towards him. I lean onto his chest and we start looking at his phone.

We lay scrolling threw his phone and he looks at me and says do you mind if i send a video of you to a few of my friends. At this point he’s obsessed with fucking me he’s makes it very apparent, and clearly wants to share how great of an ass I have with his crew. So i say fuck it okay. he says roll over and says say to the camera come fuck me. So i roll over, as i do he spanks me really hard and I squeal and blurt out come fuck me. 5 minutes later as were still lying scrolling through his phone he gets about 6 text messages from his friends that read, “where are you” “I’m coming right now” “ whats the address” “who the fuck is that?” “ send me more videos.” the texts are rolling in, and I’m dying of laughter on the chest of a tinder boy i just fucked. he looks down at me and asks me if i would you be down if a few of his buddies came here and watched us fucked, or maybe even got to fuck me. I hesitate for like 2 minutes, I don’t say no but I ask him questions, tell him I’m kind of nervous and then say fuck it I’m down for it. Why not, right?

We wait about 30 minutes for his friends to drive over, they coming from the valley so they really want to fuck me if im all the way out in Beverly Hills, thats like a 30 minute drive and its 1 am. In the meantime I give Steve* head for a bit longer, we fuck once more and then head downstairs to meet his friends. Then i see it, 3 tall silhouettes emerging from the darkness. I turn to Steve* and tell him that I dont think i can do it, i dont know if i can fuck them all. He tells me i don’t have to fuck them all if i don’t want to. At this point they are 100 feet away from us and I dont have a fucking choice. They approach us, 2 out of the 3 im down for and I dont even know what to think right now. They all hug me and say its nice to meet me, being very touchy and already grabbing and spanking my ass as i walk up the stairs, again giving them a full on view of what im working with.

We enter the house. Queue deja vu. The dog barks and i rush all 4 of the guys into my temporary dungeon of sex. I lay down on the bed and we all start talking. There names are Stan*, Fred* and Drew*. Stan* is not my type in the slightest. He’s the one asking me the most questions. I find out that go to UCLA and are 25, I managed to remember a lot for being told that while have a dick in my hand, my mouth and my pussy at the same time. Yes it lead to a gang bang. My first, and not my last. As you know by now, I’m not a fan of lasts.

The guys are all a bit nervous about getting hard in front of each other but Steve* not at all. he takes me and throws me down on the bed. His hand is around my neck and the other is firmly grabbing my ass. He tells me to shut the fuck up and shoves his dick so deep in me I scream. He spanks me every time I scream and it makes me scream more. All 3 of the other guys are getting riled up by watching him be so rough with me and me let him be. Fred* crawls onto the bed while I’m being fucked from behind by Steve* and slides right under me so he can get his dick in my mouth. He does, and starts whispering in my ear that he’s going to come back for me and more tomorrow night. I don’t know why but I’m seriously enjoying letting these guys beat the shit out of my ass (not literally but semi literally.) As Steve* is fucking me and I have Fred’s* cock in my mouth Drew* leans in and Fred* yells at me use my hands on him while I’m being fucked Steve* and blowing him. So I do as I’m told and they are loving it. Stan* on the other hand is just standing at the end of the bed watching or just trying to touch me and my ass. Steve* cum’s like the champ he is and Fred* yells that he wants to fuck me in the bathroom so I get up.

It’s all very rough. Everytime i get up, they all touch me, grab my ass, spank me, bite me. I walk into the bathroom and for the first time I see in the mirror what my ass now looks like. Im so red and welted you can see hand prints and bite marks… its kind of hot. Fred* roughly bends me over and spanks me then drags me to the toilet where he sits for me to blow him. I do. While his cock is in my mouth Drew*, whose dick is massive might i add, comes in, grabs my ass and starts fucking me, hard. He cum’s and then Fred* takes me back to the bed where he proceeds to fuck me as well. While Fred* is fucking me I’m now blowing Drew* and Steve*, a back and fourth action type of deal. ( I know it’s hard to keep up, even for me and I was there.)  All of a sudden I hear a whip and feel a sharp pain on my ass. I turn around and see Stan* holding a leather belt. I’m kind of into it so i let it continue.

I start to say something and Steve* turned to me and says “shut up you talk to much.” Lying there with my legs spread pussy out I take my foot shove it into his mouth and say “ you fucking talk to much” he rips my foot out of his mouth pushes me down on the bed and shoves his fingers in my pussy. He’s rough like rougher than I’ve ever had before. He looks at me and says “ill make you be quiet” then turns to the guys and says “watch this shit.” He shoves his fingers in and out of my pussy hard 3 times and I fucking squirt everywhere. Im in full on shock. I’ve never done that before. He pulls his fingers out and shakes his hand, its dripping with my cum and I’m still in orgasm mode dying on the bed as all his friends are in shock that I just came so much. Drew* looks down at me, shoves his fingers in my pussy and tries to do it himself, he cant and its starting to hurt so Steve* does it one more time for them. I squirt so much all over again. They all loved watching him play with my pussy and me fucking squirt everywhere heck, I loved watching him play with my pussy and me squirting everywhere.

Drew* takes out his phone and video tapes it so he can watch it again later. Under his breathe I hear him mumble, “ I’m putting that in my girls I’ve fucked folder for later.” I laugh, and fuck them all except Stan* two more times, let them finger me and blow them all until there are legitimately 15 condoms scattered around the bedroom that isn’t even mine. Oops, award for worst house sitter goes to… me, hands down. ( don’t worry I washed all the sheets.) They leave and I’m in horny haven. Got my pussy fucked and now its time for bed.

I go into the bathroom to clean up the rest of the condoms and i turn around and see my ass in the mirror again for the second time. holy shit. I’ve never seen so many bruises in my life. I guess thats what happens when you hit someone with a leather belt. I had 2 full sets of bite marks on my lower back, my ass was cherry red and welted all the way down to my mid thigh and there are visible hand prints and belt marks, as well as bruises on my neck, chest and arms. How the fuck am i going to explain this? meh i kind of like it. As twisted and fucked up as that is, its hot as fuck that I can endure that much pain and still enjoy myself. If thats not sexually fucked up i don’t know what is.

I hit the pillow knowing very well that i just had a fucking gang bang and i cant wait to tell everyone. not only how amazing it was to fuck 4 guys at once and completely be the center of attention but also that I can now confirm that my aspirations of wanting to be a porn star are totally plausible. I fall asleep quickly very well knowing that it’s because I just had sex… 50 times.

xo, you’ll never know.


6 thoughts on “11 | Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd

  1. Holy moly! It was hard to keep up just like you said! That is one hot story!

    Lost it at this line: Yes it lead to a gang bang. My first, and not my last. As you know by now, I’m not a fan of lasts.

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