51 | FuckFace Whisperer

I hate reliving this. Hate is an understatement. I’ve tried to forget about this 24 hours of my life so many times but its truly difficult. This guys name was Jake* I have known him for year, since I was 13 and he was 16. He used to date one of my best friends in […]

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50 | Tea Time or Toy Time?

This is a really fun and spontaneous story on my behalf, i have no idea what was going through me mentally but more importantly sexually. I was on one of my ‘fuck it’ whims. This guy had got a hold of my snapchat via tinder. He started messaging me and when he sent me a […]

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49 | Mystery Man

This story is conjured out of pure boredom and as you know when boredom and horniness strike in synchronization, Hello Tinder. I don’t know why my mind resorts to wanting to have mundane conversations with complete and total strangers aside from the fact that more than 50% of them are illiterate, ignorant, or immature, something […]

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45 | Literal Cliff Hanger

I don’t even want to give this Asshole the courtesy of a fake name so well call him SFB, shit for brains. The best part is that this blog is a huge part of the story. I’ll start by telling you the first interaction we had and everything I discovered about this doorknob of a […]

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44 | Mighty Morphin’

Now I’m back in Vancouver and have managed to secure my own apartment in a dream area, life is good. This story is funny, ironic, bizarre and random all in one, but, I’d like to keep it one short and sweet for my purpose and his. Mainly because we are still fucking and he’s famous. […]

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41 | The Producer

This guy is a huge tool. Definition of full of himself. He’s the type to go on rants about how girls post the dumbest shit on Instagram and then he’s also the type to go and like all of those posts that he just dissected like a douche. His name was Don* he was 26, […]

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40 | Hung Like A Horse

So after the fuck with Mr. Sugar Daddy I wasn’t fully satisfied, mostly because I was still trying to get the image of his O face and the shit that came out of his mouth in that exact moment in time out of my head. So the night i got home from the date in […]

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39 | Sweet Tooth

So I’m skipping a bit ahead because i was a bad girl and it gets repetitive and boring. I have a lot of stories from LA, only telling the ones worth writing about. This one in particular is most definitely worth it. So now that i don’t fuck my roommate anymore i have to find […]

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38 | Hoes over Bro’s

This is the second of 3 fuck ups. The third of which is my last story in LA… but i’ll get there… patience, its a virtue. So as i mentioned earlier Reed was his colleague which makes Jake* his best friend. Oh Jake. I wish i had more time with you. It was short but […]

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35 | But first…Coffee

Now that i had established the job i was still mad hunting for my own place. I had found a few to look at and to my surprise the rent down there was fucking whack so my only option was to go down the roommate route. I wasn’t mad about it,i didn’t know anyone anyways […]

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34 | My First Felon

I had been in LA now for about 2 weeks. I had managed to secure a good job that enabled me to use my background in school and do what I love while getting paid, art. I was still living with my Aunt and vigorously apartment searching. As i mentioned earlier my Aunt would frequent […]

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33 | Star Fucker

Hello Hollywood. At this point I was sick of absolutely everything in my life. I felt stuck. And in my mind the only option when stuck is to pick up and move to another place, where you know no one and nothing. A Clean Slate if you will. So, that’s exactly what I did. March […]

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32 | Pass That Dick

This dude. HA. So this is a pass that dutch sort of situation. I had advised one of my friends to get out there and start fucking guys after a relationship fell through in her life. The first guy she met was Andrew* he was a 26-year-old rich kid who lived in his parents mansions […]

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31 | Fucking & Punching

Fucking and punching. Literally. Never thought i’d see the day i get a shiner while a cock is stuffed in me but here we are… This guy, lets call him Carter* he was a fucking piece of work. Tatted, dressed like a fucking weirdo, acted like a weirdo and did a fuck ton of drugs. […]

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30 | Virgin Diaries

  This story sucks. I hate telling it. I hate thinking about it. It just fucking sucks and it was all out of my control. So one night I’m out with a few friends at some event, I’m pretty drunk and I’m outside having a smoke when i meet this guy, lets call him Marcus*. […]

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29 | Two Birds, One Throne

This is an epic story. From start to finish. Let’s start with the proposal. Weeks prior to this event happening, one of my best friends who at the time was a virgin was sitting on my couch and she was looking at me as if she wanted to ask me something but she was nervous, […]

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28 | Name Changer

  This was the last time I fucked Keith. I was out downtown that night with some girlfriends and when the night was over i ended up at his place because I was horny and wanted blow. Showed up at his place, we sat on the couch and fooled around a bit while watching some […]

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25 | Dicks & Drugs

This guy I’m about to introduce stayed in my life for a few months, but it was really only to feed my drug and sex addiction. he provided both.. for free. Although I oddly kind of enjoyed spending time with him. I met him through my best friend’s boyfriend (lets call him Keith*) Keith had […]

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24 | Man Bun Mirage

Met this guy about a week before I was going on my trip to LA. Pretty much the entire time I was there I spent most of my data texting this douchebag. I was flying home from Los Angeles that night, he offered to pick me up at the airport but for a first meet I […]

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22 | Toss My Salad? No Homo

Back to the candy being taken away from the baby, let’s just say it wasn’t going to happen, this baby was on a sugar HIGH & she wasn’t coming down anytime soon. That night I had a dinner at a family friends house so i went, it was exactly how you’d expect any family friends […]

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21 | Mid Day Face Fuck

I find myself moseying around my mother’s apartment in search of things to do on the off times that I’m not heading out the door for interviews. As I lay in my mother’s bed on a scorching hot Thursday afternoon at around 4pm, I take to Tinder to see if the likes of any losers […]

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18 | InstaFuck

I get upstairs to the apartment and realize I haven’t checked my phone in about 5 hours, I was too focused on His incredible tongue work, and the whole reality of my fucking reality. I had completely forgotten that I had made ‘maybe’ plans at a bar on La Cienega to meet Aaron*, the guy […]

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13 | LA Confidential Part II

Where were we, Oh yes. Im sitting on my favorite Author’s couch clenching every muscle in my pussy because I’ve never been so horny, I feel myself getting wetter by the second and physically the sexual tension between us is undeniable. We are both visibly ready to fuck one another but I was hesitant to […]

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12 | LA Confidential Part I

Prior to this trip, for 6 months i’ve been talking to the author of one of my favorite books. I started reading his novels in 2007. He is 17 years older than me. I love everything about that last sentence. When I finished his most recent novel, I took to Twitter to express my happiness […]

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7 | Once You Go Black…

New years of that year (2014) and prior to that last fuck with Dan* after the camping trip, i fucked my first black guy. (High Fives Self) his name was Trey*. He was tatted and hipster-eque, tall and skinny with that Wiz Khalifa vibe. Deep voice to complete, it was hot, like rape fantasy hot. […]

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5 | Californian Chastity Belt

I forgot to mention a few sexcapades that totally escaped my mind in yesterday’s post. Before i left my hometown to move to some fucking white picket fence Valley town in Southern California, there were 2 specific stories that pertain to my overall appeal towards sex. The first was that 10th grade Father’s Day. I came up […]

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2 | Innocence Lost

I can’t particularly remember any overtly sexual experiences in my life prior to losing my virginity at age 12. And of course the every now and again self stimulation. Yes we all touch our selves, pick your jaw up off the desk and keep reading. I mean I do have images in my mind of […]

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